Letters, Jun. 19, 1944

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    But colors more radiant in autumn

    I see when I'm casting my hook

    In the waves of the Skoodawabskookis

    Or perhaps in the Skoodawabskook.

    Then never of Waweig or Chamcook I'll think. Having you in my arms We'll reck not of Digdeguash beauties, We'll care not for Pocologan's charms. But as emblems of union forever Upon two fair rivers we'll look, While you'll be the Skoodawabskookis, I'll be the Skoodawabskook.


    St. John, New Brunswick

    ¶TIME'S thanks for the fiddleheads and the verse. The fiddleheads tasted woodsy and not unlike hearts of artichoke.—ED.

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