Who's Sorry Now?

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    But Clinton may have her own problems. Last week, after a complaint by Giuliani, Congress launched an inquiry into whether Clinton is violating campaign rules by paying only first-class fare rather than the full cost of the military charters the Secret Service insists she take. In the absence of any precedent for a sitting First Lady, she is following the usual practice of presidential candidates.

    The battle-scarred Clinton didn't lose a New York minute over the House inquiry--after all, she's survived the mother of all investigations with Ken Starr. The New York legislature, meanwhile, is looking into whether Giuliani broke the law by unsealing Dorismond's records. The last time a sitting New York City mayor was investigated was in 1932, and Mayor Jimmy Walker was dismissed from his job. Giuliani may want to consider saying he's sorry and letting Patrick Dorismond rest in peace.

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