Shania Reigns


    Shania Twain waves to the crowd during an appearance at the Much Music studios in Toronto

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    But her dream can never be realized. "I don't feel free," she says. "I think, I don't feel free to do what I want. It's not in my nature. I could never just do anything for fun. I mean, it's such a waste of time to do something for fun. I feel like I've got to be productive. I can't live the rest of my life like this, but for now I have to justify any pleasurable time that I have. But I do have dreams." Those dreams will have to wait, because selling Up! will keep her performing on the road for a few years and thrust her right back into the swirl of another dream: being the world's biggest pop singer. Just whose dream that is, only Shania Twain knows for sure.
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