Are Hillary's Brothers Driving Off Course?

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    But Hugh stands to do well if the Castano group prevails in suits the lawyers have filed on behalf of five cities against the firearms industry--the new frontier of class-action litigation. Sources tell TIME that Hugh was one of several lawyers who began negotiating a possible settlement with a gun-industry trade group earlier this year. Robert Ricker, former head of the group, said Hugh helped arrange a White House meeting in early May with Lindsey, domestic-policy adviser Bruce Reed and others. "He took me aside once and told me [the Clintons] in on the status of the talks," says Ricker. "He was a serious player." And Hugh and several of the other Castano lawyers still meet from time to time with Clinton Administration aides on the gun issue, a White House source said.

    Tony says he and Hugh are no Billy Carter. When he's approached by those who want to exploit his family ties, Tony says, "I tell them to take a hike. I don't do business that way." But the brothers themselves might be well advised to hike away from a few more business opportunities. When you're related to the White House, a deal isn't always just a deal.

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