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  • The Sochi Olympics The cover illustration for TIME's Feb. 10 Olympics preview issue, with its rings of barbed wire, sparked debate among readers about Vladimir Putin's promised "ring of steel" against terrorists--which some say comes at the expense of civil liberties. On Morning Joe, though, MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski noted one upside: "[The tumult in Russia] is a terrible reason for it, but I think people will be taking an interest in foreign affairs for the first time because the Olympics are so universally engaging." Meanwhile, David Beard of the Washington Post suggested an alternate cover line ("New TIME cover: Not 'Tears For Fears & Cheers?'"), and on Twitter, Larissa Qat found Time's coverage of Putin's fortresslike Olympic site distressing: "Is this what the #Olympics has turned into!!!"

    Elite San Francisco A story on the city's tech-wealth-driven transformation led Roberto Chavez of Arvada, Colo., to suggest that the line in the famous Scott McKenzie song "San Francisco" be updated to advise: "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some dollars in your hair." Peter Cohen, an affordable-housing executive in the city, praised writer Katy Steinmetz's "critically important insight" but took issue with her citing a "conventional wisdom" supply-demand argument made by defenders of gentrification: "Clearly the housing-affordability problem is anything but a simple matter of undersupply and overdemand. It is about real estate development in a highly attractive 'hip' city chasing an influx of wealth while everyday people get left behind."

    Veterans and PTSD "What has happened to Sgt. Linley is a travesty," wrote Encino, Calif., psychologist Allan Gerson of Mark Thompson's widely shared article on a veteran with untreated PTSD. "He should not be in prison. He should be in treatment ... I would gladly help him, as we do at the PTSD clinic in which I spend my time each week." Meanwhile, veteran Z.A. Sutton wondered about blaming PTSD: "As a 4 tour combat vet my belief is some ppl are just broken to begin with."


    As the Sochi Olympics play out this month, we'll have breaking event coverage, in-depth features on some of the Games' most compelling characters and more. Here's a sampling of what's on deck at time.com/olympics


    Skating and skiing champs plus great Olympic romances throughout history


    The Games' most stunning moments as well as the oddest uniforms the athletes are wearing (hello, Norwegian curlers!)


    Jeff Kluger on the science of sports and Bryan Walsh on how climate change could affect future Winter Games venues


    As proud American workers helped move the U.S. out of the Great Depression and into a prosperous industrial era, they clocked in with metal photo-ID badges that often showed just a company name and number. More than 250--from U.S. Rubber, United Airlines and more--are on display at New York City's Ricco/Maresca Gallery. Read the stories behind some of them at lightbox.time.com


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