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    James Franco

    His roast on Comedy Central drew an impressive 3.1 million viewers

    Dave Chappelle

    Faced hecklers during a stand-up gig in Hartford, Conn.


    Glamour Puss

    Grumpy Cat already has a book, a movie deal and a coffee line (Grumppuccino). Now the YouTube star has also gotten the Golden Kitty award at the Internet Cat Video Festival in Minnesota, meaning that she's officially the Internet's favorite feline. How purr-fect.




    Many photos made after Japan opened its doors to the West were hand-colored images meant to entice foreigners. But black-and-white portraits like this were also made for the domestic market. Both types are on view in "Camera Nipponica: Photographs from Japan, 1880--1930" at the University of Washington's Henry Art Gallery through Jan. 5.


    'You know, he's not playing King Lear. It's Batman!'

    MATT DAMON, defending the acting chops of pal Ben Affleck, who was dismissed by many fans as a bad choice to play the Caped Crusader in an upcoming feature

    Average Tooth Fairy gift amount per tooth in the U.S., according to a new survey by Visa. That's a 23% uptick from last year and a 42% increase over 2011. Your move, Easter Bunny.


    Vin Diesel

    At 46, Diesel has already rebooted one franchise, The Fast and the Furious: its sixth iteration just grossed almost $800 million globally. Now he's aiming to do the same with Riddick, out Sept. 6, in which he plays a space mercenary who's dropped on a hostile planet. It's the third part in a sci-fi series last seen in 2004. Here, he talks to TIME.


    You fight some scary aliens in Riddick. Are there any creatures that you're scared of in real life?

    Huh. Uh ... dinosaurs?

    I meant creatures that actually exist now.

    I would say King Kong, but I'm not really scared of King Kong. That would be inaccurate.

    So you're basically not scared of anything, ever.

    That's not at all what I'm saying. The thing I'm scared of most is not fulfilling my work. There's so much anxiety around trying to get a movie made that you don't really get to be afraid of anything else.

    There's a line in the movie about how everyone has bad days, but this one is legendarily bad. Have you ever had a legendarily bad day?

    You know, I don't even think about bad days.

    What about a legendarily good one?

    A day with my kids. A day with my kids is the best day.

    What would you do?

    Everything. We'd have picnics, we'd be playing chess. My 5-year-old daughter, her new pastime with Daddy is playing chess.

    Sounds like the opposite of being dropped on a hostile planet.

    It is the antithesis of being dropped on a hostile planet.

    Which franchise will last longer: Riddick or The Fast and the Furious?

    Unfair. That's like asking which child I love more!

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