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    As a high school social-studies teacher, I often pose the question "What would the framers say?" to my graduating seniors. However, your answer, that "they're not around to prove anyone wrong," is literally true but figuratively wrong. I challenge anyone to read even a handful of quotes from Adams, Hamilton, Jefferson or Madison and not see timeless truths.

    Darren Rosenbaum, SCHODACK LANDING, N.Y.

    I was disappointed to see your magazine refer to the recent health reform enacted by our government as "Obamacare," a right-wing epithet designed to undermine the legitimacy of the legislation.

    Travis Maruska, WORCESTER, MASS.

    Hey, Bill, Can You Read This?

    Please tell me that editor Bill Saporito is receiving mental-health treatment, because he is insane for spending $1,000 on a single pair of glasses ["Eyes on the Price," July 4]. I buy glasses from Zenni Optical, an online site. It's $20 for a complete set at my doorstep, shipping included.

    Peter Minton, WINSTED, CONN.

    BILL SAPORITO RESPONDS: I am still extremely happy with my overpriced glasses.

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