• 'The government has declared war, and ... we will answer back with war.'

    1. SPYROS LINARDOPOULOS, Greek protester with PAME, a Communist Party--backed union, as riots broke out ahead of Parliament's passage of a package of austerity measures

    'Whitey was no fool. He knew he would get caught. I think he'll have more fun pulling all those skeletons out of the closet.'

    2. EDWARD MACKENZIE JR., a former enforcer for captured Mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger, predicting that Bulger will disclose details about corrupt FBI agents

    'There's not much left to say.'

    3. ROD BLAGOJEVICH, former Illinois governor, following his conviction on 17 counts of corruption, including trying to sell the Senate seat formerly held by President Barack Obama

    'It means we are able to be called human beings with all the rights of everyone else.'

    4. DEBBIE STROM, New York resident, celebrating the state's legalization of same-sex marriage; she and her partner plan to marry

    'Grimm's Fairy Tales ... are grim indeed.'

    5. ANTONIN SCALIA, Supreme Court Justice, in the court's decision allowing the sale of violent video games to minors; Scalia compares such games to gruesome fairy tales


    Average time, in hours and minutes, Americans watch TV each weekday, per the American Time Use Survey; up 5.4 minutes since 2007


    Approximate percentage below the national average of the cost of living in Harlingen, Texas; Bloomberg Businessweek reports that it's "the cheapest place to live"

    $485 BILLION

    Estimated amount that weather costs the U.S. each year, according to a study led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research


    Estimated number of individuals in an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon, whose existence was recently confirmed by the Brazilian government

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