The Marriage Equality Act, by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, on June 24, making New York the largest state to recognize same-sex marriages.


    By Bank of America, the biggest case yet from the 2008 financial crisis; the bank set aside $14 billion to pay purchasers of bad mortgage securities.


    Norma Lyon, 81, known as the Butter-Cow Lady for her sculptures made of grade-AA salted butter; her subjects, ranging from the Last Supper to President Obama to a 500-lb. (230 kg) life-size cow, were among the most popular attractions at the Iowa State Fair.


    The Los Angeles Dodgers, for bankruptcy; owner Frank McCourt is fighting Major League Baseball--and his ex-wife--for control of the team.


    Nick Charles, 64, CNN's first sports anchor; Charles, who began on the network's first day in 1980, covered nearly every major sporting event over his 30-year career.


    George White, 90, architect of the Capitol from 1971 to 1995; White oversaw the reconstruction of the Old Senate Chambers and the Old Supreme Court.