• Off to the Races

    Joe Klein's cover story on the insiders and outsiders in the GOP primaries managed to avoid almost any mention of a leading contender [June 27]. The results of a straw poll at the GOP Leadership Conference in New Orleans proved that the results of the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll were not a fluke. Ron Paul is a viable candidate who has stayed true to his principles ever since being elected to office, yet the mainstream media continue to ignore the fact that there is a huge wellspring of support for him.

    Robert Holly, BROOKLYN

    Klein suggests that "a counterpunching, negative attack on Republican extremism" in the 2012 campaign would not fit President Obama's character. I disagree. Obama's speech attacking Representative Paul Ryan's budget plan was excellent.

    Thomas J. Farrell, DULUTH, MINN.

    I don't think it matters which Republican wins the nomination. The real battle is Obama vs. the economy. If the economy is doing well in 2012, Obama wins the presidency. If not, the GOP wins easily.

    Jack Twitty, ROCHESTER, MICH.

    Conservative Realities

    I don't understand why Fareed Zakaria is so mystified by present-day conservatives' unquestioning adherence to unproven right-wing dogma ["The GOP's Abstract Professors," June 27]. Even after President Obama released his long-form birth certificate, providing further proof of his already proven birth in Hawaii, 25% of the Republican Party surveyed nationally believed that Obama was born in another country, and an additional 20-plus percent weren't sure that he was born in the U.S.--with no facts to support their ideas. William F. Buckley Jr. must be turning over in his grave.

    John F. Greeley, LYNN, MASS.

    Zakaria's piece was a very one-sided argument supported by mostly half-truths. The Republican prescription is not simply a slash-and-burn plan, as Zakaria describes it, but instead is an acknowledgment that there is an inherent problem with continually spending more than we have revenue coming in.

    Jim Rahfaldt, INVERNESS, ILL.

    The Republican Party has long since abandoned conservatism and betrayed true conservatives. Conservatives should not be tarred for the irresponsible shenanigans of the Republican Party.

    Joseph L. McNully, ORO VALLEY, ARIZ.

    Trial by Live Feed

    Re John Cloud's story on the Casey Anthony trial [June 27]: I am watching the trial because I am so impressed with Judge Belvin Perry Jr. He is fair, impartial, intelligent and nurturing toward the jurors, and he knows his law. A huge plus is that he never plays to the ever present TV cameras. Justice for the viewers, finally!

    Barbara Kreher, MELBOURNE, FLA.

    To call this "the social media trial of the century" presumes that nothing more interesting or scandalous is going to happen in the next 90 years.

    Travis Hopkins, ST. PETERSBURG, FLA.

    Puerto Rico's Citizens

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