• 'We all lived through Lehman Brothers. I don't want another such threat to emanate from Europe.'

    1. ANGELA MERKEL, German Chancellor, on the importance of an airtight Greek bailout package

    'What is happening today has nothing to do with reform. It has to do with vandalism.'

    2. BASHAR ASSAD, embattled Syrian President, during a televised address in which he blamed the country's unrest on a small group of "saboteurs"

    'Happy Father's Day, Dad ... This one's for you.'

    3. RORY MCILROY, 22-year-old golfer, after winning the U.S. Open with a record-setting 16-under-par score

    'Kids who are under the impression that smoking is cool or glamorous will be confronted by a very different reality.'

    4. MARGARET HAMBURG, U.S. FDA commissioner, on the graphic warning labels that will be required on all cigarette packaging and advertising by October 2012

    'Congress is basically filled with demagogues and power mongers.'

    5. RON PAUL, 12-term Representative from Texas and a Republican presidential contender, on his colleagues in the House

    $4.6 MILLION

    Winning bid at auction for the dress Marilyn Monroe wore in the subway-grate scene in The Seven Year Itch; the buyer, who sent bids over the phone, was not identified by the auction organizers


    Percentage of Americans polled by the Pew Research Center who say U.S. troops in Afghanistan should be brought home ASAP; it's the first Pew survey to find a majority holding the position


    Amount that President Obama and U.S. House Speaker John Boehner each won for beating Vice President Joe Biden and Ohio Governor John Kasich in golf

    $153.6 MILLION

    Sum that JPMorgan Securities will pay to settle U.S. SEC charges that it misled investors in a mortgage-bond deal in 2007

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