• 'We believe that the evil will speak out of him and that he will tell the truth.'

    1. MUNIRA SUBASIC, head of the Association of Srebrenica Massacre Survivors, following Serbia's extradition of Ratko Mladic to the International Criminal Court, where he will stand trial for the killing of 8,000 Muslims

    'The only meat I'm eating is from animals I've killed myself.'

    2. MARK ZUCKERBERG, Facebook CEO, on his personal challenge for the year to take responsibility for what he eats

    'Now that I see the bus, I could see how it would attract attention.'

    3. SALLY HEATH, mother of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, on the media scrutiny surrounding a Palin-family bus trip to historic American sites

    'What he needs is shock therapy to gain the heart of his people.'

    4. AHMET DAVUTOGLU, Turkey's Foreign Minister, suggesting that Syrian President Bashar Assad halt a government crackdown and deliver dramatic reforms to end his nation's months-long crisis

    'From this moment, air strikes on the houses of people are not allowed.'

    5. HAMID KARZAI, Afghan President, in what he called his last warning to NATO forces in his country, a few days after an air strike that Afghan officials say killed 14 civilians


    The temperature (28°C) at which government offices and some firms in Japan have pledged to keep their thermostats this summer to cut electricity usage 15%; a new government campaign also advocates wearing Hawaiian shirts, T-shirts and sandals to make the office more bearable

    30.6 GIGATONS

    The amount of global carbon dioxide emissions in 2010--a record high, according to the International Energy Agency

    $22 BILLION

    Global airline revenue in 2010 from à la carte pricing on such things as checked baggage and food


    The amount PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel will pay each of 24 young adults to skip college for two years while they develop business proposals in areas such as biotechnology and energy

    Sources: AP; New York Times; AP