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    Of Pigs and Men

    TIME should understand the damage that is done through generalization, especially on the cover [May 30]. We seem to understand this idea when it relates to minority groups but not when it relates to men. Let me suggest that your cover line should have read "Sex. Lies. Arrogance. What Makes Some Powerful Men Act Like Pigs" (or even better, "... Some Pigs").

    John Desmond, ANDOVER, MASS.

    Great article. At one end of the spectrum we have special-forces SEAL Team 6, and at the other we have Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a cowardly bully preying on the weak.

    John M.R. Kuhn, WESTON, WIS.

    Nancy Gibbs refers to fame and power as eroding "the layers of socialization that we impose on teenage boys." We "impose" nothing of the kind. We raise boys today in a culture of entitlement, self-indulgence and celebrity worship. The sins of the famous and powerful are only high-profile expressions of our failure in these postmodern times to instill in young men a genuine sense of responsibility, discipline and judgment.


    Why do powerful men act like pigs? They do because they can, because the people around them allow it. Period.

    Laurie Pfisterer, DELANCO, N.J.

    It is disappointing that TIME chose to include Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in the "Misconduct Matrix" with many whose affairs and other sexual escapades were acknowledged or for which there was strong evidence. In the case of Thomas, only the unsubstantiated testimony of a former work associate was provided, and Thomas categorically denied that testimony.


    The cover story neglects to consider that human nature includes a willingness to self-destruct on the eve of attainment. Those who secretly believe themselves unworthy of greatness will discover another path on which to blame failure.

    Steve Lenkart, ALEXANDRIA, VA.

    Gibbs is a great writer, but why is a woman writing an article on what powerful men think? Men know more about how men think than women do.

    Walker Mangum, RALEIGH, N.C.

    As a former victim's advocate in the state and federal systems, I find it tragic that Tristane Banon was discouraged from reporting her allegations of a sexual attack by Strauss-Kahn. I hope she will cooperate if the New York City prosecutor requests it. She may find that it helps her process what she says happened, as well as helping establish a pattern of behavior on the part of the alleged attacker.

    Shane VerPlanck, LOS OSOS, CALIF.

    You have, of course, insulted pigs.

    John W. Howe, ORLANDO

    Pawlenty's Record

    Your article on ex-governor Tim Pawlenty left me flabbergasted and angry ["Mr. Nice Guy," May 30]. As a Minnesota resident, I can assure you his appeal is not in "the middle" here. The poor, the old, veterans and schoolchildren all suffered under his stewardship, and the "fees" imposed to generate revenue (Pawlenty didn't call them taxes) didn't help. Pawlenty is an aw-shucks, smooth-talking panderer whose regular-guy image masks craven opportunism.

    Kimberlee Remus, WOODBURY, MINN.

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