Kenichi Shinoda, head of Japan's largest yakuza crime organization, after six years in jail; the Japanese godfather leads an estimated 35,000 gang members.


    Retirement homes for NASA's aging space shuttles, in Florida, Los Angeles, New York City and Washington--but not Houston, mission control for 135 launches.


    Montana and Idaho wolves from the Endangered Species List by Congress; the increased number of wolves is said to threaten local livestock.


    A prize sponsored by Russia's Ministry of Culture to radical art group Voina; the winning project included a 210-foot penis drawn on a St. Petersburg bridge.


    Home-run king Barry Bonds, on one count of obstruction of justice; a mistrial was declared on three counts of lying about steroid use.


    Washington Mayor Vincent Gray, after protesting abortion-related restrictions in the recent budget deal, which limit how the city can spend local tax money.