• Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

    Re "The Roar of the Tiger Mom" [Jan. 31]: As a young Chinese American who has been on the receiving end of this sort of discipline, I can say that the ways of the tiger mom are effective and laudable to an extent. What worries me is the lack of creativity Asians instill in their children. Without creativity, we can only follow paths that someone else has made instead of making our own paths.

    Grace Wu, FREMONT, CALIF.

    I wonder if Amy Chua would have changed her parenting style had she had sons. Chinese parents (among others) are notorious for treating their daughters less favorably than their sons. I would rather have a strong, protective, nurturing mama grizzly than a cold, tyrannical and ruthless tiger mom.

    Angela Albert, LONG BEACH, CALIF.

    While it may be tempting to fault some of Chua's methods, it is abundantly clear that she's a parent who is actively engaged in the education of her children. If only it were so of many more parents in this country. We might find our children's achievement levels in math, reading and science improving dramatically.

    Dana M. Craig, DAVENPORT, IOWA

    The notion that it's a tough world out there, which is Chua's main justification for her harsh way of raising her kids, is self-fulfilling: it's people like her who make this world so tough. As an Asian American, I saw both worlds. The tiger moms' way is not education; it's manufacturing.

    Kee Kim, LA HABRA, CALIF.

    Chua may falsely believe that she is motivated by the well-being of her children, but through her unrelenting oppression, she is inflicting upon them a cycle of abuse that will be passed on. Sadly, her children will probably lack the compassion to comprehend their own actions as parents, in much the same way Chua is justifying her parents' heartless ways. Tigers extinguish kids' flames of innovation, courage and self-expression--the traits Chua ironically is seeking to instill in her children.

    Edward Porter, AGUA DULCE, CALIF.

    As a teacher in a public high school, I welcome tiger moms with open arms. If more parents reared focused, disciplined kids at home, maybe I'd get credit for their successes instead of being blamed for their failures.


    I have no quarrel with how Chua raised her daughters. As a mother of two beautiful girls, I agree completely with the idea of assuming children's "strength, not fragility." The name calling is excessive, but the outcome is prosperous!

    Sofia Rodriguez, GAINESVILLE, VA.

    Parenting in Perspective

    Thank you to Nancy Gibbs, who finally put the argument over the tiger mom in perspective in "Roaring Tigers, Anxious Choppers" [Jan. 31]. One sure thing about parenting: no one can crack the code. Using common sense, we parents need to take the best ideas from both styles.

    Antonia Nako, CINCINNATI

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