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    $240 MILLION

    Joint Forces Command budget that will be used elsewhere in the DOD


    10 | Rwanda

    Kagame Coasts to Victory

    On Aug. 9, Rwandan President Paul Kagame won re-election by a 93% landslide. Although Kagame is largely credited with promoting economic growth and helping the country recover from the 1994 genocide in which up to 800,000 people were killed, he has developed a noted authoritarian streak. Ahead of the election, Kagame denied involvement in the arrests of opposition leaders and the murder of an investigative journalist who had published an article linking Kagame to an assassination attempt against a rival.

    * | What They're Banning in Bangladesh: The Bangladeshi government has banned corporal punishment in educational institutions. The ban follows a July episode in which a 10-year-old student allegedly committed suicide after being exposed to harsh punishment by his teacher. Faculty found guilty of beating students will face reprimands from school officials. A 2009 UNICEF report estimated that 88% of schools in Bangladesh still used switches or sticks to punish children.

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