An Oily Matter

  • Re "The Meaning of the Mess" [May 17]: Offshore drilling has been conducted for decades with relatively few problems. Unfortunately, all it takes is one calamity to bring out the alarmists who call for a ban on the activity in the calamity's aftermath. The BP oil spill is the exception, not the rule.
    Stephen V. Gilmore, CHARLOTTE, N.C., U.S.

    How much more evidence do we need to understand that the "Drill, baby, drill" philosophy is irresponsible and places our economic stability and environmental future in jeopardy? I hope this tragedy moves us to demand increased financial support for and political action toward renewable-energy development and implementation. It's time to stop making excuses and start insisting that Big Oil be held accountable for its negligent actions and profit-driven policies. Clearly, we can begin by showing the politicians who indulge oil executives the door with the exit sign.
    Brad Hruska, SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO, U.S.

    Man-made disasters like this will happen again unless we decide to waste or consume less energy. Smart energy policy may not be the only solution.
    Mencius Ding, BEIJING

    Deconstructing the Broadway Bomber
    I am concerned with the Grand Theft Auto-esque depiction of Faisal Shahzad in the May 17 issue. In a world where people crash a state dinner to promote a reality show, we might be encouraging would-be terrorists with the promise of romanticized press coverage.
    George Davis, WILLISTON, VT., U.S.

    Shahzad's attempted bombing proves that Americans should be more concerned about the legal immigrants who want to harm us rather than the illegal immigrants who only want a job.
    Kenneth Lee, RAYTOWN, MO., U.S.

    We have always been a nation that is willing to help other countries, but what do we get in return? A stab in the back. I think it's time we make getting into our country and becoming an American citizen much harder. I am furious that someone like Shahzad came into our country freely, got an education, then tried to hurt as many of us as possible. We as Americans need to put a stop to this injustice.
    Lynne Gaylor, CLEARFIELD, PA., U.S.

    Although the events in Times Square were certainly frightening, the political backlash against Pakistanis and Muslims was even more so. As a Pakistani American, I implore my fellow citizens to practice tolerance toward this culturally rich, peaceful community whose members have overwhelmingly turned their backs on the terrorism and violence that have plagued their native region. Don't make us pay for the mistakes of others.
    Zoya Mehmoud, ALEXANDRIA, VA., U.S.

    TIME's article on the Times Square incident is rather biased. There was a great deal mentioned about the tragic loss of life that could have occurred if the explosion had taken place on May 1, but little about the many deaths suffered by civilians at the hands of drone missile attacks in Pakistan. Is a Pakistani life not worth the same as that of a U.S. citizen? You should be bridging the gap between Muslims and the West instead of heightening tensions.
    Syed Naheer Ameer, KARACHI

    Bring On the Bieber!
    Re "Pop Star 2.0" [May 17]: Since I am an aspiring musician, Justin Bieber's story is an inspiration. With all the artists out there who rely on connections or reality shows to gain success, it is refreshing to see a young person make it big by his own means. His natural musical talent makes marketing his preteen charm easy.
    Alva Ramirez, LOS ANGELES