10 Questions for Karl Rove

The former Bush adviser is the author of Courage and Consequence . Karl Rove will now take your questions

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    Karl Rove

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    In the Senate, we'll pick up eight. In the House, if the election were today, there'd be at least 35 Republican gains in the House and maybe more.

    As a GOP strategist, what would you be most afraid of Democrats doing strategically as they head into the 2010 election?

    Amy Sandberg, CAMBRIDGE, MD.

    Focus on jobs and succeed at doing something in a bipartisan way that helps the economy grow. But none of those things are going to happen.

    What Republican leaders will make the strongest presidential candidates in 2012?

    Brent Canter, NEW YORK CITY

    I don't think we know yet. Think about this point in 2006. Who was saying in 2006, "Barack Obama"? There are a number of people. Romney and Palin and Pawlenty and Mitch Daniels. Potentially Newt. Potentially Haley Barbour. I think there's going to be somebody we haven't seen yet.


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