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    Suffering a decline in popularity largely because of the global financial crisis and Hungary's high levels of unemployment, Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai's Socialist Party suffered a major setback in the country's first round of parliamentary elections on April 11. Although the final allotment of seats won't be determined until after a second round of polling on April 25, the center-right Fidesz party looks to have won 206 spots in the 386-member parliament, while the extremist, far-right Jobbik party, a nationalist group that some accuse of anti-Semitism, won an estimated 26 seats.

    * | What They're Restricting in South Korea: In an attempt to crack down on video-game addiction, South Korea is setting a curfew for online play. Underage players will have to abide by an automated blackout period after midnight and become accustomed to slower connection speeds after long periods of use during earlier hours. While currently limited to a handful of games, the "slowdown" plan will eventually apply to the 19 role-playing titles that comprise 79% of the nation's online-gaming market. A recent survey of 1,500 South Korean public-school students found that 29.3% of them exhibit signs of addiction.

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