Jungle Fever

The legend of a lost city lured thousands of explorers--and one writer--into the deadly Amazon

R. de Montet-Guerin

Fawcett vanished into the jungle in 1925.

Percy Harrison Fawcett was the quintessential dashing late-Victorian explorer. Almost too late--he was born in 1867, when the world was starting to run low on terra incognita. Tall, steely and virtually indestructible, he spent much of his life mapping the Amazon basin. In 1925 he set out to find a legendary city he called Z, a glittering oasis of civilization supposedly sequestered deep in the jungle. Whereupon the jungle, having nibbled at him for decades, ate him alive.

Before he left, Fawcett remarked, "If with all my experience we can't make it, there's not much hope for others." About that much...

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