A Gated Community for Organ Donors

Lifesharers is trying to settle the competition for organs in a fair way: before you get one, you should be willing to give one

James Estrin / The New York Times / Redux

Doctors at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia Hospital receive lungs from a potential donor.

Americans love a square deal. The idea of the quid pro quo, the something for something, lies at the heart of our very sense of fairness. But there's one area in which something for nothing is much closer to the rule, and it's a transaction on which people's very lives turn: organ donation.

About 90% of Americans say they support organ donation, but only 30% have actually signed up to part with their parts after they die. The cost of such an all-take, no-give setup is high. Nearly 100,000 patients in the U.S. are idling on the United Network for Organ...

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