Verbatim: Jul. 18, 2005

  • "Those who perpetrate these brutal acts against innocent people should know that they will not change our way of life."

    QUEEN ELIZABETH II, in a speech to the staff of the Royal London Hospital, after visiting survivors of Thursday's four bomb attacks

    "Simple. Bid again."

    JUAN ANTONIO SAMARANCH, former head of the International Olympic Committee, when asked what New York City should do after failing to win its bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics

    "I think I've found my limitations."

    PRESIDENT BUSH, after injuring two fingers in a mountain-biking mishap when he crashed into a police officer in Scotland

    "He told me if there is anything--anything--he could do, to not be afraid to call him. It really lightened me a bit."

    ERROL ROSE, whose son Christopher, 15, was killed for an iPod, about a phone call of condolence he received from Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs

    "God has shown me the right choice, but my demons have me tied to a spit and the fire has already been lit."

    JOSEPH DUNCAN, in a blog entry he wrote in April while out on bail on child-molestation charges. Caught with a girl, 8, in Idaho, he is charged with kidnapping and is suspected of killing two of her family members; her brother, 9, is missing and presumed dead

    "At the time I thought it was the right thing to do, but I now know it was wrong."

    LIL' KIM, rapper, who was sentenced to one year and one day in prison for lying to a federal grand jury about a 2001 shoot-out outside a New York City radio station

    "Baby boomers buy half the cars in this country, and they're going to remember Lee Iacocca."

    JIM SANFILIPPO, automotive-marketing consultant, on Chrysler's bringing back octogenarian ex-chairman Lee Iacocca to appear in commercials that reprise his famous pitch line from the '80s, "If you can find a better car, buy it"

    "It's on the Internet. I looked it up."

    MARTHA STEWART, revealing to a Vanity Fair interviewer that she knows how to remove the electronic monitoring device she is required to wear on her ankle

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