Books: 6 Great Books You Might Have Missed

It's not too late! Really good books never die--they just come out as paperbacks

Hardcover books can be so forbidding, can't they? Those imposing, inflexible covers, that terrifying $20-plus price tag. Whereas paperbacks--so soft, so yielding, so informal, so ... cheap. Some of last spring's best books are just coming out in paperback, so if you waited till now to read them, your patience is rewarded. And what's a year, anyway? Isn't great literature timeless?

THE FABRIC OF THE COSMOS By Brian Greene Quick, how many dimensions does space-time have? Answer: 11. Does time really flow forward? Nope. Is teleportation possible? Yep. Greene, a superstring expert who teaches physics and math at Columbia University, uses...

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