Remote, Controlled

Here is what you really learn about the four major candidates in their 30-second campaign spots



Auld Lang Sigh (Living)

Weary of millennium hype and commercialism, more and more of us are opting for a New Year's Eve that is simple--and meaningful

Hollywood Requiem

Our writer mourns talent agent Jay Moloney, his friend and fellow addict




Ask Doctor Y2K (Essay)

Forget computer bugs. Worry about PMS (Post-Millennial syndrome)

A Good Time Goes Bad (News)

At Texas A&M, a giant woodpile collapses, killing at least 12 and perhaps a tradition. Who's to blame?


The War on ATM Fees

A brawl breaks out over surcharges that banks levy on consumers for withdrawing their own cash


Body Art (The Arts / Art)

A major museum exhibition and a lavish new book celebrate the human form as the ultimate canvas

Cinema: Baltimore Aureole (The Arts / Cinema)

Liberty Heights looks smartly at race, religion and class in the hometown of its director's youth

Marley's Ghosts (The Arts / Show Business)

The reggae king lives on in CDs, a concert and a theme restaurant

Books: Unregarded Berries (The Arts / Books)

Wild Fruits, Thoreau's new work, is as fresh as when he wrote it more than 130 years ago

Dance: The Ballerina Is Boss (The Arts / Dance)

Suzanne Farrell excels in a new role--breathing fresh life into classics and taking them on tour


Must-See TV? (Personal Time / Your Family)

Too much media--television especially--can be an isolating experience. Get it under control

Tech That, Peter (Personal Time / Your Money)

Fidelity's Lynch once did great without owning tech stocks. If you think you will now, get real

Never Too Busy (Personal Time / Your Technology)

With new Internet call-waiting modems and services, I never miss a call when I'm online

Vision Saver (Personal Time / Your Health)

A drug that combats blindness in the elderly may soon be available. What you need to know


The Budget: Rolling In Dough (Time Select / The Budget)

After decades of deficits, the Federal Government is starting to generate mountains of surplus cash. So what do we do with it?

When Little Companies Bulk Up (Time Select / Business)

This is the era of the megazillion-dollar deal, but many small, dynamic firms see good reasons for getting together

Making A Killing (Time Select / Business)

Viaticals let sick people sell their life insurance. But investing in death may not always be the best bet

Check It Out! (Time Select / Business)

The government cash machine will generate more bounty in the years ahead