Superpower Stiff

Washington's refusal to pay its dues is imperiling America's influence at the United Nations

Campaign 2000: Primary Questions (Campaign 2000)

As the dust settles in a two-man race, the question now is: Does Bush have the brains, McCain the temperament to preside in the Oval Office?


Out of Thin Air

A plane bound for Cairo takes 217 people on a fatal ride in the skies. What went wrong?

Radicals Reborn

Iran's student heroes have had a rough and surprising passage


Kingdom Of Learning

A new generation of hands-on museums mixes science and technology with the thrill of a theme park


Holy Owned (Health)

Is it fair for a Catholic hospital to impose its morals on patients?



Worst of Times

In Los Angeles, a newsroom erupts over a business-side gaffe



Power Children (Essay)

Once teens were barely tolerated, but now we worship the false god of youth

A Fullback Picks Her Gown (American Scene)

Four girls play on the football team at this high school. Will one of them be homecoming queen?


Microsoft Enjoys Monopoly Power... (Bill Gates' Monopoly / The Findings Of Fact)

In uncommonly harsh language, the court hands Gates a devastating defeat. Is Microsoft mortally wounded?


Cinema: Can God Take A Joke? (The Arts / Cinema)

If he (or she) can, there'll be a lot to laugh at in Kevin Smith's randy but defiantly devout Dogma

Music: Reclaiming His Crown (The Arts / Music)

[The Artist formerly known as Prince] is back with his best CD in years. And who is his producer? Believe it or not, it's Prince

Cinema: Loving Pedro (The Arts / Cinema)

Almodovar, the naughty boy of Spanish cinema, pays warm tribute to strong women and produces the most satisfying work of his career with All About My Mother

Books: Footnotes No Longer (The Arts / Books)

As women's history takes root in the canon, more stories about the past take on a female voice


The Mother Load (Personal Time / Your Family)

A new study of day care will make many moms feel guilty for using it. But they shouldn't

Betting With Bill (Personal Time / Your Money)

Microsoft lost this round of its antitrust case, but don't sell management (or its stock) short

Big Brother Was Listening (Personal Time / Your Technology)

Real Networks' online-jukebox software turns out to be not buggy but bugged

Block That Cold! (Personal Time / Your Health)

A new zinc nasal spray may curtail your sniffles, but hand washing is still your best defense


Families: First-Term Report (Time Select / Families)

We're deep into the fall semester. So how's it going? And what can you do to help your children get the most out of their education? experiences for students and parents

Families: College Abroad (Time Select / Families)

It's a great education at a reasonable cost. And a degree from a foreign university has great cachet

Families: Dangerous Steps (Time Select / Families)

Was Cinderella right? A new book says stepparents abuse children at a frightening rate