The Man Behind Prop. 227

Meet Ron Unz, the tycoon who waged a campaign to all but outlaw bilingual education in California

Fight To The Finish

Clinton and Starr are plotting their endgames, each trying to move the battle onto his favorite turf


Enemies Go Nuclear

Pakistan answers India with its own atomic tests. Now will the two rivals be able to avoid going to the brink?

Economic Meltdown

If investors continue to take the money and run, all of Yeltsin's hard-earned stability could collapse



The Ticks Are Back (Medicine)

And thanks to El Nino, there may be more than ever. The good news: that new vaccine works


The Most Happy Fella (Crime)

Phil Hartman's career was at a peak, then home life erupted violently

A River Of Chicken Soup

An uplifting tale: two guys get very rich serving uplifting tales to an endless stream of readers


Indonesia (Notebook / The Scoop)

Army Helps Habibie Avert a Nascent Coup

Job Bank (Notebook / The Scoop)

Which Heavyweight Does Albright Prefer?



It's A Tough Job... (Personal Time: Your Technology)

But somebody had to test-drive the new computer games. Here are the ones I liked best

Unchain My Heart (Personal Time: Your Health)

Millions of healthy people could benefit from an anticholesterol medicine. Are you one?


Right Before Our Eyes (Time 100)

Technology shaped the show as the 20th century transformed old arts and created an array of new ones

The Artist PABLO PICASSO (Time 100 / Most Influential Artist)

Famous as no artist ever had been, he was a pioneer, a master and a protean monster, with a hand in every art movement of the century

The Architect LE CORBUSIER (Time 100 / Most Influential Architect)

He was convinced that the bold new industrial age required an equally audacious style of architecture. And who better to design it than him?

The Designer COCO CHANEL (Time 100 / Most Influential Designer)

She was shrewd, chic and on the cutting edge. The clothes she created changed the way women looked and how they looked at themselves

The Writer JAMES JOYCE (Time 100 / Most Influential Writer)

His Ulysses baffled readers and challenged aspiring writers; it also revolutionized 20th century fiction

Required Reading: Nonfiction Books (Time 100)

The very word nonfiction defines some literature by what it is not. But often such books, including these 10, changed minds and lives

The Poet T.S. ELIOT (Time 100 / Most Influential Poet)

Serious poetry was about to be eclipsed by fiction. He provided the stark salvation of The Waste Land

The Comedian CHARLIE CHAPLIN (Time 100 / Most Influential Comedian)

The endearing figure of his Little Tramp was instantly recognizable around the globe and brought laughter to millions. Still is. Still does

The Moviemaker STEVEN SPIELBERG (Time 100 / Most Influential Moviemaker)

No director or producer has ever put together a more popular body of work. That's why the movies we're now seeing are made in his image

The Actor MARLON BRANDO (Time 100 / Most Influential Actor)

Brooding, raw, honest, he was unlike anyone audiences had seen before. Now the mark of his style is in descendants from De Niro to DiCaprio

The Classical Musician IGOR STRAVINSKY (Time 100 / Most Influential Classical Musician)

His Rite of Spring heralded the century. After that, he never stopped reinventing himself--or modern music

The Rock Musicians THE BEATLES (Time 100 / Most Influential Rock Musicians)

Irrepressible and irresistible, they were--and remain--the world's most astonishing rock-'n'-roll band

The Folk Musician (Time 100 / Most Influential Folk Musician)

BOB DYLAN Master poet, caustic social critic and intrepid, guiding spirit of the counterculture generation

LOUIS ARMSTRONG: The Jazz Musician (Time 100 / Most Influential Jazz Musician)

With dazzling virtuosity on the trumpet and an innovative singing style, Satchmo was the fountainhead of a thoroughly original American sound

FRANK SINATRA: The Singer (Time 100 / Most Influential Singer)

He loved, he brawled, he had style, he had guts, he could even act. And, oh yeah, he defined American pop

RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN :The Showmen (Time 100 / Most Influential Showmen)

Each had already made his mark--but as collaborators they created musical theater that enchanted audiences and redefined the art form

LUCILLE BALL: The TV Star (Time 100 / Most Influential TV Star)

The first lady of comedy brought us laughter as well as emotional truth. No wonder everybody loved Lucy

JIM HENSON: The TV Creator (Time 100 / Most Influential TV Creator)

Hundreds of millions of kids--and adults--have been entranced by the Muppetmaster

OPRAH WINFREY: The TV Host (Time 100 / Most Influential TV Host)

She didn't create the talk-show format. But the compassion and intimacy she put into it have created a new way for us to talk to one another

The Dancer MARTHA GRAHAM (Time 100 / Most Influential Dancer)

Her fierce choreography sometimes amazed and sometimes horrified, but in it she embodied modern dance--arrogantly and spectacularly

The Cartoon Character BART SIMPSON (Time 100)

Talk about arrested development--this kid has been 10 for 11 years! And we hope he stays there. Deplorable, adorable, Bart is a brat for the ages

Q&A: TIME Writer Bruce Handy

TIME's Bruce Handy discusses the commonalities between Bart Simpson and T.S. Eliot, two of the most important cultural figures of the century

The Unknown CRANFORD GLIMP (Time 100)

Painter, writer, composer, chef. How did such an unbelievably versatile artist get left off our list?