Mother of The Accused

Gretchen Woodard tells TIME of her son Mitchell's troubles and his version of the Jonesboro massacre

Day Of Deliverance

Clinton enjoys a victory lap when the judge tosses out the Paula Jones case. But Ken Starr isn't going away just yet; he has never cared much about Paula, or politics...

Hale Storm Rising

Did the king of the Clinton haters funnel cash to Kenneth Starr's chief Whitewater witness?


Emily's Little Experiment

A fourth-grade science project debunks therapeutic touch, but doesn't explain why it sometimes works



O Baby, Baby (Essay)

Questa notte senza fine! sings the father, weeping


McCain's Big Deal

Harsh words, strewn chairs and tobacco's lost G.O.P. friends mark a difficult negotiation


Art: Close Encounters (The Arts / Art)

Throughout his career, Chuck Close has focused on faces. What he shows is more than skin deep

Books: Oh No, Is It Him, Babe? (The Arts / Books)

Bootlegging Dylan's life, a novel casts its hero as a scraggly haired, harmonica-playing folk singer

Music: Angst with Sugar on It (The Arts / Music)

Natalie Imbruglia topped Britain's charts. Today she's their hottest export since the Spice Girls


Theodore Roosevelt (Time 100)

With limitless energy and a passionate sense of the nation, he set the stage for the American century

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Time 100)

Driven by ideological zeal, he reshaped Russia and made communism into a potent global force

Margaret Sanger (Time 100)

Her crusade to legalize birth control spurred the movement for women's liberation

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Time 100)

He lifted the U.S. out of economic despair and revolutionized the American way of life. Then he helped make the world safe for democracy

Eleanor Roosevelt (Time 100)

America's most influential First Lady blazed paths for women and led the battle for social justice everywhere

Adolf Hitler (Time 100)

The avatar of fascism posed the century's greatest threat to democracy and redefined the meaning of evil forever

Winston Churchill (Time 100)

The master statesman stood alone against fascism and renewed the world's faith in the superiority of democracy

Mohandas Gandhi (Time 100)

His philosophy of nonviolence and his passion for independence began a drive for freedom that doomed colonialism

David Ben-Gurion (Time 100)

Part Washington, part Moses, he was the architect of a new nation state that altered the destiny of the Jewish people--and the Middle East

Mao Zedong (Time 100)

His ruthless vision united a fractured people and inspired revolutions far beyond China's borders

Ho Chi Minh (Time 100)

He married nationalism to communism and perfected the deadly art of guerrilla warfare

Martin Luther King (Time 100)

He led a mass struggle for racial equality that doomed segregation and changed America forever

Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini (Time 100)

Brazenly defying the West, he revived Islam's faithful and authored a new form of religious government. The prescriptions were often chilling

Margaret Thatcher (Time 100)

Champion of free minds and markets, she helped topple the welfare state and make the world safer for capitalism

Ronald Reagan (Time 100)

He brought Big Government to its knees and stared down the Soviet Union. And the audience loved it

Mikhail Gorbachev (Time 100)

By gently pushing open the gates of reform, he unleashed a democratic flood that deluged the Soviet universe and washed away the cold war

The Unknown Rebel (Time 100)

With a single act of defiance, a lone Chinese hero revived the world's image of courage

Lech Walesa (Time 100)

Poland's brash union organizer stood up to the Kremlin and dealt the Eastern bloc a fatal blow

Nelson Mandela (Time 100)

As the world's most famous prisoner and, now, his country's leader, he exemplifies a moral integrity that shines far beyond South Africa

Pope John Paul II (Time 100)

The most tireless moral voice of a secular age, he reminded humankind of the worth of individuals in the modern world

Environmentalism: Into The Woods (Time 100 / The Shape Of The Future)

Once dominated by fringe activists, environmentalism is now an essential element of political reform--especially in the developing world, where the destruction of nature threatens to widen the gap bet

Globalization: Get Rich Quick (Time 100 / The Shape Of The Future)

What will define life most in the next century? The global economy. The machinery of globalization is already integrating financial systems, dismantling territorial frontiers--and bringing people clos

Tribalism: Raising Hope (Time 100 / The Shape Of The Future)

The ideological divisions that plagued the 20th century may have disappeared, but new fault lines have been drawn in their place. The most explosive one: ethnic conflict. The dissolution of nations in

Fundamentalism: God's Country (Time 100 / The Shape Of The Future)

Throughout the world, religious fundamentalism has established itself as a major political force. To adherents, fundamentalism offers a moral refuge from the vulgarities of the secular, modern world.

Great Women, Bad Times (Time 100)

Feminism made huge strides in this century, but women around the world still have a long road ahead