Off to the Races (Elections)

Battling for Congress, Republicans urge voters to look at Clinton. Democrats hope they'll look the other way.


A Sudden Rush of Peace (Northern Ireland)

After 25 years of civil strife, the I.R.A. ignites hopes for peace by agreeing to lay down its arms

Good Cop, Bad Cop (Diplomacy)

The U.S. is negotiating a migration deal with Cuba that may defuse the immediate crisis, but moves closer (honest! we mean it!) to ^ an invasion of Haiti

Remembrance of Things Past (France)

A new book documents what was once rumor: Mitterrand's work with fascists and the Vichy regime

What's a Poor Patriot to Do? (Cuba)

Cubans are angrier at the system and Castro than ever before. So why aren't more of them plotting Fidel's overthrow?


Clash of Wills in Cairo (Environment)

As the big population conference opens, Muslims are boycotting, and the Vatican is blasting Al Gore

Close Call, Comrades (Space)

A last-ditch effort gets food to orbiting cosmonauts, saving their mission from a disastrous early end



The Life and Death of Kevin Carter

Visiting Sudan, a little-known photographer took a picture that made the world weep. What happened afterward is a tragedy of another sort.



Do You Still Know Me? (Marketing)

American Express is moving downscale with a new line of credit cards offering (choke!) revolving debt &

Small Cars, High Hopes (Industry)

Wounded by their reputation for cruddy compacts, the Big Three save face with a new fleet of hot wheels


The Banishing Judge (Justice)

The author of a plan to punish two young Native Americans has credibility problems of his own


BOOKS: 3-D Mother (Arts & Media / BOOKS)

Anna Quindlen's second novel asks if parents can be people

SHOW BUSINESS: Brando and Brando X (Arts & Media / SHOW BUSINESS)

An autobiography and a biography of Marlon Brando offer little to choose between. One is empty, the other scurrilous.

BOOKS: Circus Maximalist (Arts & Media / BOOKS)

No one expects John Irving to write spare, minimalist novels, but his latest takes manic, manipulative narration too far

TELEVISION: She Who Laughs Last ... (Arts & Media / TELEVISION)

As a sketch-comedy show that features women, She TV is a rare thing; equally unusual, it is also smart and funny

BOOKS: The Downward Spiral (Arts & Media / BOOKS)

A psychiatrist tells families how to detect signs that a teenager may be at risk to commit suicide -- and what to do about it