Erudite (Chronicles)

Hurdle of the Week

From the World's Headlines ! (Chronicles)

Concern mounted over the likelihood -- and advisability -- of a U.S. invasion of Haiti if tightened sanctions fail to restore the country's democratically elected government

On Heaven's Ticket (Politics)

After years at the grass-roots level, the religious right is throwing its weight around in the G.O.P.

Talk of the Streets (Chronicles)

Nuclear fallout, executive search, passing for cops and . . .

The Risky Association (Conventions)

A bold strategy to revitalize the N.A.A.C.P. could lead to disaster for the civil rights group and its leader


Corfu: A Jobs Summit? (European Union)

Stung and blessed by surprising election results, leaders gather to pick Delors' successor

Labor Pains (China)

In the midst of boom times, millions of workers are being fired, furloughed and abused in the workplace, and anger is rising while the authorities crack down

Making Seconds Count (Indonesia)

With Jakarta relaxing its press censorship, a daring newspaper thrives. But has it hit the limit?

Master of The Polls (India)

An autocratic election commissioner wins a power struggle with Prime Minister Rao


No Rush to Judgment (The Balkans)

By moving too slowly against Balkan atrocities, the world community is encouraging still more war crimes


Bending A Promise (Health Care)

Clinton softens his stance on coverage for everyone, but is he getting close to bargaining it away?


A Sick Boy Says Enough! (Ethics)

In another case involving a child's right to die or be treated, a transplant patient refuses further help

Pride and Prejudice

Times have changed 25 years after Stonewall, but gays still have cause to fear bumping up against the limits of tolerance



Is The Worst Over? (Economics)

The evidence is not unshakable. But slowly, bumpily, Japan and Europe appear ready to lift upward from the depths of recession.


TELEVISION: Cable's Big Squeeze (Arts & Media / TELEVISION)

New channels are lining up for space, but good ideas are being shoved aside by more of the same old thing

Golden Wonder (The Arts & Media / ARCHAEOLOGY)

Treasures from a vanished culture shed light on Peru's lost past, and will also enrich its future

BOOKS: Mom's Horror (Arts & Media / BOOKS)

A novel about a good parent accused of child molesting

BOOKS: No Software (The Arts & Media / BOOKS)

Harold Brodkey's new novel is erotic -- but not to everybody

MUSIC: Real Thing (Arts & Media / MUSIC)

Chrissie Hynde leads the return of the Pretenders

The Other Side of Hell (Authors)

A North Vietnamese soldier's novel about the pain and disillusionment of war becomes an international hit

MUSIC: Indigo Girls: The Power of Two (The Arts & Media / MUSIC)

The members of the duo Indigo Girls don't always agree, but as their new album proves, they make beautiful music together