The Assault on Freud (Cover Story Ideas)

He invented psychoanalysis and revolutionized 20th century ideas about the life of the mind. And this is the thanks he gets?


Gumming Up the Works (Politics)

How a small but determined group of conservatives is ambushing Clinton's policymaking vanguard

Secrets Of Success (The White House)

After his dramatic NAFTA victory, can Bill Clinton use his newfound clout to win bigger battles like health care?


Hosokawa's (Japan)

Way Abandoning traditional politics, the Prime Minister muscles through a political reform that points the way toward even more profound change

Slipping Out of Zhu's Squeeze (China)

Beijing backs down on the economic czar's short-term austerity, even as it pushes for medium-term reforms

Watch Out for China (Asia)

It may still call itself communist, but its economy looks more and more capitalist


NASA's Do-Or-Die Mission (Space)

The beleaguered agency goes for broke with a risky flight to repair the Hubble telescope



Confidence Games (Drugs)

How Venezuelan traffickers allegedly colluded with the CIA to smuggle coke into the U.S.


A Car by Any Other (Autos)

Name American-made Chevrolets will be renamed Toyotas and sold in Japan

Grinding Down Steel (Industry)

Plagued with too much plant and too little demand, Europe stumbles over a plan that may cost 60,000 jobs

Timberland Hits Its Stride (Retailing)

The New England shoemaker now must show that its products and its stock are not just fads



Risking political incorrectness, Penn rescinds its speech code


Conduct Unbecoming?

The Pentagon loses a round as the gays-in-the-military controversy heads for the Supreme Court


Coming Now to a Kid Near You (The Arts & Media Video)

MTV throws some shrewd news into the hip-hop mix, and fans around the world think it's, like, totally cool

Fearlessly Offbeat (The Arts & Media Theater)

The Loman Family Picnic features a wacky surrealism

Gangsta Rap, Doggystyle (The Arts & Media Music)

Snoop Doggy Dogg's eagerly awaited album has bark, bite and irresistible dance grooves

Haynes! Come Back, Haynes! (The Arts & Media Cinema)

In Clint Eastwood's A Perfect World, Kevin Costner tries to become the father neither he nor his young hostage ever knew

Looking for Mr. Goodfather (The Arts & Media Cinema)

A painfully correct comedy and a cheerfully subversive one celebrate family values

Meat Loaf's Prime Cuts (The Arts & Media Music)

The '70s raver is reunited with composer Jim Steinman for a No. 1 album that celebrates sex, drums and rock 'n' roll

Pei's Palace of Art (The Arts & Media Architecture)

In a historic renovation, the architect brings light and cohesion to the Louvre

Solve It Again, Sam (The Arts & Media Books)

Veterans of the fictional crime wars show why experience counts

The Great Enunciator (The Arts & Media Books)

The first of a two-volume biography maps the divided soul of W.E.B. Du Bois

The Tokyo Bombers (The Arts & Media Books)

A novel is diplomatic about the attack on Pearl Harbor

The Visitors Take Sarasota (The Arts & Media Cinema)

The French were feeling fine and feisty at one of the world's most congenial film festivals

Urban Blight (The Arts & Media Theater)

The everyday horrors of city life make for eerie drama