And Now the Numbers (The Week: Nation)

Clinton's first official budget reveals more shifts than cuts

Putting Justice in the Dock (Los Angeles)

With more at stake than a courtroom verdict, both sides in the Rodney King trial made stronger cases

Radical Surgery (The Administration)

Steered by a reformer who ponders every option, Clinton's health-care plan stresses freedom of choice

Unhealed Wounds (Los Angeles)

Once so promising, America's second largest city now lives in the grip of racial tension, red ink and cynicism

Waco's False Spring (The Week: Nation)

A thaw in negotiations with Koresh appears to be only temporary


Cabinet Work (The Week World)

After the political maneuvering, Japan gets a new Foreign Minister

Excessive Force (The Week World)

A U.S. Marine is court-martialed for shooting a Somali teenager

Fujimori's Trophy (The Week World)

Peru's President locks Shining Path's Guzman away for life

Goodbye to The Godzilla Myth (Japan)

As Miyazawa arrives in the U.S., he leaves a country that is anything but an all-devouring juggernaut

Stirring Bad Blood (The Week World)

Armenians and Azeris go to war again, drawing international ire

Trouble For Sure (The Week World)

Iraq opens fire on U.S. aircraft patrolling the no-fly zone

When Enough is Enough (Italy)

Fed up with corruption, Italians now have a chance to revamp their political system


NASA's Plea: Help! (Space)

The shuttle finally flew, but the beleaguered U.S. space agency still needs a boost from its old rivals the Russians

The Waterworks Flu (Pollution)

A tiny parasite gets the blame for making thousands of Milwaukeeans miserable


Bubble Boy's Secret (The Week Health & Science)

A rare gene may lead to discoveries about the immune system

Hyperactive Heredity (The Week Health & Science)

Scientists find a genetic cause for the distractive disorder

Lower Pb = Higher IQ (The Week Health & Science)

Researchers say cleansing kids of lead makes a difference


Camp For Crusaders

After 12 weeks of training in the ABCs of protest, antiabortion activists prepare to teach others what they have learned

Fighting Fear In Florida (The Week: Society)

The brutal murder of a tourist alarms foreign visitors -- and locals as well

Frontier Justice (The Week: Society)

An angry mother takes a child-molesting case into her own hands

The Way Balls Bounce (The Week: Society)

Two spectacular athletes epitomize the highs and lows of March Madness



Taking Stock (The Week: Business)

A new accounting rule restrains a favorite form of executive pay


Hello Again, Mary Jane (Music)

Pot culture is back, as rockers and rappers are singing the praises of marijuana

The Greatest Story Ever Sold (Theater)

Dramatically wobbly and theologically muddled, a French extravaganza on the life of Jesus begins a North American tour

The Ultimate Mogul (Show Business)

Is Michael Ovitz getting too powerful? The Hollywood agent's new deal stirs up a controversy about his many roles.