Easy Win in the Senate (The Week: Nation)

An earliest ever budget measure passes; stimulus might face trouble

Riding The Dinosaur (The Week: Nation)

Clinton plays his first round of the presidential press-conference game


A Friend in Need (Russia)

In peril at home, Yeltsin heads for a summit with Clinton, hoping it will save his reforms (This is an updated text of the story; an earlier version appears in

A Newly Opened Book (The Week World)

De Klerk discloses the history of South Africa's nuclear bombs

Down to The Wire Again (The Week World)

As Bosnia's President signs a peace plan, Serb fighters press eastward

Kill No More (The Week World)

The murders of two children trigger a backlash against the I.R.A.

Left in The Lurch (The Week World)

A rightist landslide buries France's ruling Socialists


Man in A Minefield (Defense)

Talk about a tall order: Les Aspin has to shrink the Pentagon, find a compromise on gays in the military, and keep Sam Nunn out of Clinton's way

So Glad to See You (Terrorism)

The return of a chief suspect in the tower bombing nearly completes the roundup, but a few mysteries linger


Deadly Copies (The Week Health & Science)

Researchers locate the gene that causes Huntington's disease

Hiv Ambush (The Week Health & Science)

Studies show the AIDS virus hides out in lymph nodes before it attacks

Mini-Mammoths (The Week Health & Science)

Smaller versions of the woolly beasts may have outlasted the Ice Age

Venus Beach (The Week Health & Science)

NASA finds evidence that the hot, dry planet was once awash in water


Sex With a Scorecard

A group of high school boys who tallied their conquests ignites a debate over teenage values

The Best Defense . . . (The Week: Society)

An L.A. police officer takes the stand in the Rodney King beating trial

The Ripper's Tale (The Week: Society)

A soon to be published book claims to be Jack's own


The Church Search

Baby Boomers dropped out in record numbers. Now many are finding spiritual homes again -- and American religion will never be the same.


Architecture Goes Green (Design)

An array of new projects proves that buildings can be ecologically correct, cost-efficient and beautiful as well


A Chip with Zip (The Week: Business)

Intel's new Pentium breaks new ground in desktop computing

Caught in The Act (The Week: Business)

Baxter pleads guilty to complicity with the Arab boycott of Israel

Comes A Cookie Man (The Week: Business)

IBM's new boss is used to selling a wholly different kind of chip

No-Fall Stocks (The Week: Business)

Citibank offers a market-linked instrument that apparently can't lose

Who Wants This Job?

Still stinging from the Dateline fiasco, NBC News is hustling to hire a credible new president


School's Out -- of Cash

Impoverished schools are slashing programs, letting classroom sizes grow and teacher counts shrink. Some of them are just closing down.


A Few Good Women (Cinema)

That seems to be the quota for females in film. And the number keeps on dropping.

Rock Me, I'm Irish (Music)

Influenced by Bono and Sinead, malt liquor and hip-hop, a new wave of Irish rockers has arrived