Bill Clinton: Working the Crowd (Cover Stories)

Despite its higher taxes, Clinton's economic plan gets a warm welcome from the public, but Congress seems ready to give it a pounding


Doing Bush a Favor (The Week: Nation)

Did the U.S. Archivist trade his signature for a job?

Haiti Or Hades (The Week: Nation)

The Senate extends the ban on immigrants with the AIDS virus

Roofers From Hell (Florida)

Migrant construction workers following in the wake of Hurricane Andrew bring with them a violent crime wave


Breakthrough (The Week World)

The A.N.C. and the South African government agree to share power

Good Behavior (The Week World)

Beijing frees two dissidents and opens its oil fields to the West

Jungle Jailbreak (The Week World)

The murderers of Brazil's rain-forest martyr escape from prison

No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy (European Community)

Goods, people, capital and services are moving more freely, but so are jobs as Europe's attempt to form a more perfect union runs into trouble

On The Defensive (The Week World)

A rash of violence in and around Israel further dampens prospects for peace


Aids Triple Play (The Week Health & Science)

Researchers hit on a new chemical combination to combat the virus

Biosphere Or Biostunt? (The Week Health & Science)

Scientists give the world's biggest terrarium a vote of no confidence

Shark Bites Microbe (The Week Health & Science)

The denizen of the deep yields a powerful killer of bacteria and fungi


About-Face (The Week: Society)

A plucky female challenges the all-male Citadel

Colson's Triumph (The Week: Society)

A notorious Watergate figure wins $1 million for his religious work


The Digital Dilemma

Consumers must once again choose between competing high-tech sound systems



A Friend at the Top (The Week: Business)

Clinton's Labor Secretary tells the AFL-CIO what it most wants to hear

Fully Loaded (The Week: Business)

A French company wins a major Middle East contract for battle tanks


Denis The Menace (Show Business)

First there's denial. Then anger. Finally acceptance. Comic Denis Leary may be here to stay. Deal with it.

Don't Read This Story! (Cinema)

. . . unless you've already seen The Crying Game, the sexy British mystery that won six Oscar nominations and made an unknown nonactor into a hot new star

Phantom Mania (Theater)

Lloyd Webber has the big Broadway hit, but half a dozen other masked men are stalking the provinces

Art: Signs of Anxiety (Art)

In a retrospective, American artist Susan Rothenberg emerges from the '80s as a painter of mystery, originality and real staying power