Premeditated Execution (Cover Stories)

The Supreme Court is the death penalty's final arbiter, but the U.S. must decide what it achieves


Bleeding-Heart Conservatives (The Administration)

How Jack Kemp and friends, after the L.A. riots, are pushing a reluctant Bush to lead a new market-oriented war on poverty

Guilty! (Grapevine)

Call My Agent!

Lessons of Los Angeles (The Aftermath)

Chief Daryl Gates claimed that his officers could cope with the rage after the King verdict, but the police abandoned the city to a mob

This Land Is Your Land. . . This Land Is My Land (The Two Americas)

The L.A. riots underscored a painful truth: a relentless exodus from the cities has split the country. Bursting with new political power, the suburbs are increasingly being asked to revive the decayin

Tokens Of Gratitude (The Week: Nation)

A powerful Republican Congressman is charged with accepting bribes

Two Ways to Play the Politics of Race (The Campaign)

Bush may talk compassion, but he's thinking law and order. As for Clinton, he sounds like he's planning the Great Society, Part II.


Germany: End of the Miracle

Why the citizens of Europe's most successful nation are increasingly unhappy with their lot: unification has proved a heavy burden, and workers are taking it out on the faltering government of Helmut

P.S. to The (The Week World)

Cold War Gorbachev says what the world needs now is more democracy

The General Protests (The Week World)

Thousands of Thai demonstrators back their leader's moral stand


Healing (Medicine)

by Wire With videophones and satellite linkups, an examination by the world's top specialists can be a phone call away

Up To Snag a Straggler (The Week Health & Science)

On its maiden flight, the new shuttle Endeavour is out to rescue a satellite


Execution Made Easy (The Week: Society)

The Supreme Court restricts access to appeals for death row inmates

Guns (The Week: Society)

Save Lives? The N.R.A. moves to exploit the L.A. riots for its own agenda

Tyson Scrapes Bottom (The Week: Society)

Now he faces money troubles, new charges and prison discipline


Keepers of The Flock

Boston spawns one of Protestantism's hottest churches, but critics call it a cult and accuse its leaders of dictatorship


Sun, Surf and Software

Long before the starting gun, the megabuck quest for the America's Cup begins on drawing boards, on computer screens and in experimental water tanks




The Bankruptcy Game

All sorts of companies are taking refuge in Chapter 11. But too many use the law to stiff creditors, enrich lawyers and protect bad managers.


Hack (Reviews Cinema)


Hollywood Gets Hot (Cinema)

Summer 2: the Sequel Big stars and recycled stories trigger another round of Honey, I Blew Up the Budget. But on these pages, a sleeper smash is hidden. Where's Wayne's World?

The Secret in Her Soul (Cinema)

Sexy, elusive, contradictory, Marlene Dietrich transcended her screen roles to create an indelible image of femininity and one of the century's enduring enigmas