The Colorado River: A Fight over Liquid Gold (Cover Story)

In a huge portion of the parched West, life would be impossible without the Colorado River. Now the very prosperity that its waters created threatens the river's survival.

Desert Storm Aftermath

Can Bush Keep Saddam from Building An Atom Bomb? Short of sending the bombers back, the President has few options as the last U.S. troops withdraw from Iraq

Iran-Contra: The Cover-Up Begins to Crack

A former CIA official admits the agency lied about its knowledge of the secret plan to fund the Nicaraguan rebels. Even worse, U.S. spymasters may have been entangled with a notorious criminal enterpr


Ambitions on A Grand Scale

Seizing the technological high ground, France positions itself for a leading role in the closely integrated Europe of the 21st century

South Africa: A Black-and-White Future

Apartheid would have fallen anyway, but sanctions helped speed the process. So Bush decided it was time to lift them as an incentive for more progress.

The Great Survivor

Ostracized for not joining the anti-Saddam coalition, KING HUSSEIN of Jordan looks back in exasperation, but refuses to lose hope that peace will come to the Middle East

The New France

In a transformed Europe, the French contemplate their place, their problems and their purpose


The Double Dawn

The eclipse taught scientists that the sun is bigger than they had thought, and its atmosphere hotter and denser


Reach Out and Cure Someone (Medicine)

A new 900 number offers medical advice by phone, but can it replace a family physician's personal touch?


Two Mud Treatments -- to Go (Living)

Feeling stressed? In major centers, a quick trip to a day spa is the trendy way for busy people to relax in a hurry.


The Last Bastions Of Bigotry

A year after the P.G.A. banned discrimination on the tour, private golf clubs have made, at most, token changes




Beating The Summertime Blahs (Television)

Yes, the usual seasonal fare is rejects and retreads, but this year the networks have come up with a few off-the-wall shows worth checking out

How To Eat, How to Live (Books)

Sick of foul British weather, Peter Mayle finds a paradise in Provence, and even a pot of gold