Justice Right Face!

In the final stretch of a momentous term, a conservative majority solidifies its hold on the Supreme Court and prepares an assault on the Warren legacy


A Day with the Chess Player

In a nine-hour session at a secret location, the alleged patriarch of Colombia's Cali cartel talks for the first time about his battle with Washington and why he thinks drug lord Pablo Escobar wants h

The Cali Cartel: New Kings of Coke

Now that Pablo Escobar is behind bars, the Cali cartel controls the lucrative -- and deadly -- business of putting cocaine on America's streets. Here is how drug sellers do it -- and why it is so hard


At Last, the Smoking Gun?

If a comet did in the dinosaurs, where is the giant crater left by its impact? The answer may lie on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.


The Thin Gray Gender Line (Ethics)

V.M.I. gets state funds, and it bars women. Fine, says a federal judge, because that permits bonding.

Tying The Boy Scouts In Knots (Ethics)

Atheists, girls and gays are suing to join, testing the group's claim to be a private body in which discrimination is allowed


Justice Comes in Quotes

Journalists can tinker with the words of interview subjects -- but reckless falsity can be libelous


Why Forecasts Are Getting Cloudier

Plans to overhaul the National Weather Service are so far behind schedule that the U.S. could lose its capacity to see -- and warn of -- the approach of dangerous storms



Taxes: Tempest in a Yacht

Basin The luxury tax hurts the economy and isn't worth the trouble to collect, argues an unusual alliance


N.W.A.: A Nasty Jolt for the Top Pops (Music)

N.W.A.'s grotesque new rap album soars to No. 1, raising questions about why ghetto rage and the brutal abuse of women appeal to mainstream listeners

Bringing Back Storytelling (Video)

With classic tales read by Hollywood stars, Rabbit Ears videos are a delightful antidote to Saturday-morning kidvid

Look, Ma -- No Amps! (Music)

MTV's Unplugged gets high-powered rockers to loosen up and go acoustic, but the results are still electrifying

Reliving Impossible Dreams (Cinema)

From Provence, with love, come two idyllic comedies, the most beguiling films since charm went out of fashion

Summer Reading (Books)

A dozen books to beguile a long, leisurely season in the sun