The Half-Blood Prince (Spotlight)

Britain welcomes an heir, born to a future King and (gasp!) a commoner


Political Dynasties Return (Nation)

Never mind the U.S. Constitution's prohibition on American political royalty. Family dynasties still rule


10 Questions for Reza Aslan (10 Questions)

Iranian-American author and religious scholar Reza Aslan on Jesus, changing extremism and confusing surnames

A Call to Alms (The Awesome Column)

I attempt to counter the recent bash-mob trend with directions and bottled water

Dope Opera (Books)

From Colombia, a tale of crashing planes and buried secrets

Whale Watch

A new film probes the harm of keeping orcas in captivity

Prison Breakout (Tuned In)

Netflix keeps remaking TV, with its best show yet


Menopausal Muddle (Health)

The latest (but likely not the last) word on estrogen therapy

Men Behaving Badly (Nation)

Disgraced New York politicians try to sell the public on forgiveness

The Verdict (Conversation)

Readers weigh in on the Zimmerman case