Give (Frozen) Peas a Chance — and Carrots Too (Health)

Forget what the foodies and gourmands tell you. Some of the tastiest and healthiest food around is also the least expensive and most ordinary. And you need go no further than the supermarket to find it


Africa Rising (World)

The continent is the world's next great growth engine--but hundreds of millions are at risk of being left behind


Friend Request (Washington Memo)

How the Obama campaign connected with young voters

Occupy 2.0 (Economy)

The fringe movement gets a professional makeover




Lost and Found (Holiday Movies)

In Rust and Bone, tragedy plays matchmaker

Stripes (Holiday Movies)

In Life of Pi, Ang Lee stages a triumphant battle of boy vs. beast

Extreme-Sports Moviemaking (Holiday Movies)

For Bradley cooper and David O. Russell, silver linings playbook was "an athletic endeavor"

Killer Instincts (Holiday Movies)

Brad Pitt's charisma: a weapon of mass destruction

Sweet Charity (The Awesome Column)

It's time to give back--to the founder of my new foundation

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A making-of movie downplays the darker side of Hitchcock

Lights. Camera. Trapeze! (Holiday Movies)

TIME's fearless correspondent ran away to join the circus. Here's what he learned

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Funnyman Mel Brooks on late-night TV hosts, womb envy and not getting credit for inventing the cell phone