Not Legal Not Leaving (Nation)

One year ago, Jose Antonio Vargas publicly revealed he's an undocumented immigrant. Now he reports on life in citizenship limbo and how others' 'coming out' can change the debate

Inside the Immigration Debate

VIDEO: Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas talks about growing up undocumented in America, and why immigration is the most misunderstood issue in the U.S. today

Behind the Cover

PHOTOS: Gian Paul Lozza photographed journalist Jose Antonio Vargas and 35 other undocumented immigrants for this week's cover story



Starbucks' Big Mug (Business)

CEO Howard Schultz has ambitious plans for his company and the country, with a shot of jobs, java and juice

A War on Two Fronts (World)

Syria's regime may have overwhelming firepower, but the rebels are winning in another arena--with U.S. help


Take the Wheel (Sustainability)

A new car-sharing network lets you rent out your ride by the hour

Radiation Risk (Health&Science)

Why you should think twice before getting a CT scan


Trash Talk (New Energy)

Romney's stimulus bashing doesn't square with a green garbage-can maker's success


'Seek! Me! Out!' (Music)

Fiona Apple wants your attention. Her new album earns it

Woman of Letters (Books)

How Wild author Cheryl Strayed became the queen of advice

Barre None (Dance)

Far from Broadway, boys-only ballet classes are on the rise

10 Questions for Boris Johnson (10 Questions)

London Mayor Boris Johnson on the Olympics, the inventor of the toilet and the eminence of Keith Richards