Dreams from His Mother (Nation)

Lenore Romney's 1970 run for the U.S. Senate made a bigger impression on the Republican presidential candidate than his years spent as son of a governor

Historic Photographs of Lenore and Mitt

When Douglas Gilbert photographed Lenore Romney's U.S. Senate campaign for LOOK Magazine in August of 1970, little did he know that one of his unused images would end up on the cover of TIME 42 years later.

On the Record (Features / Nation)

Mitt Romney sat down with TIME's Mark Halperin to discuss his plans for the economy, his years at Bain and his race against Obama




Final Notes (Milestones)

The music world loses three powerful voices

Skip the Screen (Health&Science)

Experts say blood tests for prostate cancer don't save lives

The Bain Game (Nation)

Barack Obama's surrogates should amplify his message when they go on television. Instead, Democrats linked to private equity have undermined Obama's attacks on Mitt Romney's business record


How This Leg Was Saved (Health)

A small medical team is helping some of our best warriors return to the fight

Hope Among The Ruins (World)

Libyans staged the Arab Spring's most sweeping revolution. That means they've got to rebuild their country from scratch


Party Girl (Money)

Celebrating 60 years of the Queen, with a price tag

Class Act (Movies)

France's breakout film star has gone from the banlieues to the big time

Works for Me (Art)

A recommendation engine takes on fine art

The Shadow Knows (The Awesome Column)

I thought my life was pretty great. That was before I embraced the pain