The Cost of Candor (On Second Thought)

Think it's easy to cut spending? Believe that and I've got a size 4 to sell you



Obama's Sidestep (Nation)

Obama said in January that taming the federal budget deficit requires tackling the rising costs of programs like Social Security and Medicare. Why does his 2012 budget proposal ignore reforming them?

Service Members Sue Pentagon over Rapes (Nation)

The stereotypes exist because they're true: the U.S. military pays too much for weapons, fumbles postwar planning and can't protect its people from sexual predators within the ranks

Food Fights (Economy)

Rising global grocery bills are hitting the poor and causing political unrest

Bond Blues (Crash test)

State budgets are on the verge of a blowup

Walk with Me (Health&Science)

New fossil evidence confirms that Lucy and her kin strolled like modern man


Good Grief (Books)

The best memoirs of loss and tragedy teach us universal truths. The worst just teach us suffering

The Envelope, Please (Movies)

TIME's critics pick who will win (and who should win) this year's Academy Awards


Nuclear Batteries (Sustainability Inc.)

Tiny atomic reactors have energized the nuclear industry. Can they help save the planet?

I'm with the Band (Technology)

MMC invites fans to invest in its artists in exchange for a record and a piece of the profits

Leaving Cell Hell (Money)

The U.S. is going to be tops in phone service. Really. What it means for users and investors



When Scientists Experiment on Themselves (Science)

Portrayed as lunatics in comic books, scientists who experiment on themselves have long pushed the boundaries of human knowledge. And now, through the Internet, their method is becoming mainstream

Photos: Portrait of a Cyberhuman

Professor Kevin Warwick allowed surgeons to plant a silicone chip into his forearm in order to advance our understanding of the place where human anatomy and circuits might meet