Invisible Wounds: Mental Health and the Military (The Well / Nation)

An understaffed mental-health corps is struggling to fight the stigma of therapy and bring relief to thousands of damaged soldiers

Photos: Treating Soldier Stress

The Army employs state-of-the-art technology at its Warrior Resiliency and Recovery Center at Fort Campbell, Ky. to help bring relief to thousands of mentally damaged soldiers. Photographs by Gareth McConnell for TIME

Russia's Long (and Brutal) War on Terror (The Well / World)

Unlike Western nations confronting terrorism in their midst, the Kremlin has little time for legal niceties and human rights as it deals with an Islamist insurgency. But does brutality work?

Photos: Dagestan and Russia's Long War

The tension between Moscow and Islamic insurgents spreads to other parts of the Caucasus, where the Kremlin's brutal methods have left a trail of tears. Photographs by Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR for TIME

The Ethics Watchdog Making Democrats Squirm (The Well / Nation)

Leo Wise's leadership of the Office of Congressional Ethics has become a lightning rod for Democratic complaints about his aggressive pursuit of corruption



Postcard from Parwan (Postcard)

After years of alleged abuse, a new U.S. prison in Afghanistan aims to improve conditions for its detainees. Trying for a better kind of justice



Love Triangle (Books)

Mona Simpson's new novel explores the delicate relationships between parent, child and nanny


10 Questions for Mark Wahlberg (10 Questions)

The actor's new buddy-cop film, The Other Guys, is out now. Mark Wahlberg will now take your questions



The Skimmer

Hostage Nation by Victoria Bruce and Karin Hayes