How to Tame the Budget Deficit (The Well / Nation)

With our economy on the brink, Americans need to cut spending and raise taxes. Sound impossible? Here's a way to forge a grand compromise between two warring parties



Trying to Revitalize a Dying Small Town

In a corner of Illinois with a turbulent history and a grim future, a punk-rock impresario is trying to make a difference. Bringing a town back to life, one cup of coffee at a time


11 Olympians To Watch (Sports / Sports)

On Feb. 12, the world's best skiers, boarders and skaters will descend on Vancouver for the Winter Games. A TIME guide to all the fire on ice (and snow)

How They Train

See TIME's video series about how winter Olympians train



Serenity Now (Books)

In Devotion, writer Dani Shapiro chronicles her search for faith

Taste of Spring (Music)

With Teen Dream, indie-rock duo Beach House warms up

J.D. Salinger Dies: Hermit Crab of American Letters (Appreciation)

Author J.D. Salinger's only novel, The Catcher in the Rye, achieved a status that made him cringe. For decades the book was a universal rite of passage for adolescents, the manifesto of disenchanted youth


Facing Death and Divorce at the Same Time (Life / Marriage)

Why some people, including John and Elizabeth Edwards and Dennis Hopper and his wife, opt to go through two awful things at once: divorcing and dying


The Chill in Davos (Global Business / World Economic Forum)

TIME's Board of Economists searched the global economy for signs of life. Asia? Yes. The U.S.? Too soon to tell

Rouge in Reverse (Global Business / Small Business)

Huron Valley Steel is taking automobile deconstruction to its logical conclusion: metal and energy


10 Questions for Maxwell (10 Questions)

The Grammy-winning soul singer on music, hair and his eight-year hiatus. Maxwell will now take your questions


Getting Your Way

Need to crack the whip at work? Persuading people to do things differently is difficult. How to change the way you approach change

Debunked (Health Memo)

A pivotal paper linking vaccines and autism is retracted. Will the antivaccine movement go on?

Brief History of Gays in the Military

As Congress opens its first hearings into "Don't ask, don't tell" in 17 years, TIME takes a look a the history of the love that dare not speak its name on the battlefield

The Skimmer

Book Review: The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050 by Joel Kotkin