The Seriously Funny Man (The Well / Cover Story)

Mark Twain was our first great political wit and a dogged defender of racial equality. Jon Stewart, Barack Obama and the rest of America are in his debt

Getting Past Black and White (The Making Of America)

It took a writer as deft and daring as Twain to teach Americans some useful lessons about race

Man of The World (The Well / The Making Of America)

In his lifetime, Twain was best known as a travel writer. Through five books, he narrated his journey from humorist to crusader


The Mark of Twain

America's first political funnyman continues to leave his indelible mark on our humor, our literature and our desire to attain racial equality


Candidates' Vices: Craps and Poker (The Well / Campaign '08)

Obama learned the art of politics in backroom poker. McCain bets thousands at craps. What the candidates' passions for gambling tell us about their presidential ambitions

The Supreme Court's Group Hug (Nation)

After years of split decisions, America's highest court has found consensus on a range of issues. How John Roberts brought the Justices together

10 Things You Can Like About $4 Gas (The Well / Nation)

Pricey gas is mostly just economic pain. But beyond the agony at the pump, life is getting a little better in ways we may not notice

The Battle for Catholic Voters (The Well / Campaign '08)

With the economy and Iraq topping voter concerns, abortion has receded into the political background. As a TIME poll shows, that has put the Catholic vote up for grabs

White House Memo (The Well)

The Pentagon wants to step up the hunt, but Pakistan's new leaders are balking. Inside Bush's last battle


Giving Back to Veterans (In The Arena)

Thousands of troops are coming home with mental-health injuries. It's the duty of all of us to help them

Saving Zimbabwe (The Well / Commentary)

Military force isn't the answer. But aggressive diplomacy can still remove Robert Mugabe


Nation Building. (The Moment: Ground Zero)

Why the lack of progress at ground zero should worry America


Mopping Up the CO2 Deluge (Science)

To battle global warming, it's not enough to reduce emissions. We need to soak up what's already there


Does Osama bin Laden Still Matter? (World)

As the quest for bin Laden founders, one of the few Western journalists to have met him argues that al-Qaeda's leader may be poised to strike again

Busch's Last Call in St. Louis? (Postcard: St. Louis)

St. Louis was once the site of a World's Fair and the fourth largest city in America. Now it may even lose its brewery


Stem-Cell Treatments for Pets (Health / Health)

With owners willing to spend more and more on their pets' health, vets are increasingly turning to alternative treatments


A Gourmet Family Meal for $10? (Life / Food)

That, at least, is the goal as Joel Stein gets a top chef to try to feed a family of four on a recession budget

Fancy Names, Affordable Feasts

The goal was to serve four people for around $10. Joel Stein looks into recipes and the chefs who give the ins and outs of make-'em-yourself extravaganzas



Famous Author's Guilty Pleasures (Books)

What do writers read when they don't want to work? We asked some big names from the literary world what they dip into for enjoyment; the answers are instructive, about both writers and pleasure. Enjoy

Planet Hollywood Goes Green (Tuned In)

A new cable channel uses stars to make environmentalism glamorous. Earth to celebs: It's not working


Spice Girls. (Global Business / Small Business)

With a fresh take on herbs, a pair of rookie entrepreneurs is stirring up the market for seasoning

Collaborative Contagion. (Global Business / Small Business)

A Portland, Ore., software start-up helps states adapt open source to collect public-health data

Business Books (Also In This Issue)

If you want to get rich, says magazine tycoon Felix Dennis, you can make a start by being poor, obsessed and a little bit of a jerk

China and Japan: The Green Connection (Global Business / The G-8 Summit)

China wants clean technology; Japan has it to sell. On the eve of the G-8 summit, two traditional rivals have reasons to heal old wounds

Smarter Clothes (Global Business / Textiles)

Europe wants to own the market for fabrics that can monitor you and your environment