The Real Running Mates (The Well / Cover Story / Nation)

Political spouses have traditionally wielded their influence in private. But in this race, all the rules will have to be rewritten

Q & A

Presidential Partners

TIME grills the candidate spouses on their White House ambitions and tales from the campaign trail

Web Exclusive

Illness On the Trail

Elizabeth Edwards and Ann Romney have formed a bond over the health issues they must cope with while campaigning for their husbands

Photo Essay

First Mates

A gallery of presidential candidates and their spouses



Hiding Behind the General (Commentary)

Bush has made Petraeus the arbiter of Iraq policy when it should be set by the President

The Rule-Breaking Campaign (Commentary)

Most elections produce a surprise or two. Here is why this one could upend all assumptions

Pen Pal

When the President writes, even fan mail turns into a political referendum


Who Killed Madeline McCann? (The Well / Crime)

The parents of the British girl who went missing in Portugal are now under suspicion, but much about the case remains a baffling mystery. A look at the chief unanswered questions

Postcard: Diego Garcia (Postcard: Diego Garcia)

This coral atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean is a key base in the war on terrorism and, not surprisingly, rarely visited by civilians. Our correspondent is on the scene


Global Warning (The Moment)

The latest studies on the planet's health show a world in pain


Going Green: Beepocalypse Now? (Life: Education - Fashion - History - Food - Environment - Health / Going Green)

Something is killing honeybees in record numbers. Three theories on why

Health: Hyper Kids? Check Their Diet (Life: Education - Fashion - History - Food - Environment - Health / Health)

Research confirms a long-suspected link between hyperactivity and food additives


Coping With a Real-Estate Bust (The Well / Business)

The slump in the housing market has no quick fix — and it could expand into a full-blown recession

What Homeowners Can Do (The Well / Business)

The eternal question in response to any market volatility--be it up or down, in stocks or real estate--is a simple one: How does this affect me? In housing it depends, of course, on which rung of the real estate ladder you occupy. Here are five perspectives on playing the vastly changed property game


Nature Boys (Arts: Movies - Downtime / Movies)

Sean Penn and Eddie Vedder talk about age, rage and their new film

A Kid Nation Divided (Arts: Movies - Downtime / Tuned In)

A reality-TV flap captures the horror of separating young children from parents--and its appeal

Geography Lessons (Life: Education - Fashion - History - Food - Environment - Health / Fashion)

The coolest designers redefine the idea of American style in an increasingly global business


Video Games That Keep Kids Fit (Education)

Never mind kickball or soccer. Some schools are now getting kids to break a sweat with exergaming fitness centers

Forget Morton's Salt (Life: Education - Fashion - History - Food - Environment - Health / Food)

The saline seasoning has gone gourmet with tasty--and colorful--varieties from around the world


10 Questions for 50 Cent (10 Questions)

The rap star talks to TIME about his new album, his beef with Kanye West and his favorite Democratic candidate