How We Get Addicted (The Well / Behavior)

Humans have a habit of getting hooked on harmful things. New research reveals why, and opens the door to a cure


Addiction and the Brain

Scientists have learned more than ever before about how addiction affects the brain, and about a wealth of addictions you may not even know about.


The Hillary and Bill Show (The Well / Nation)

The former First Couple hit the campaign trail together in Iowa to reformat the Clinton brand. And it isn't Bill and Hillary

Obama's Viral Marketing Campaign (The Well / Nation)

The Internet is changing the nature of political fund raising. The Illinois Senator has proved that small donors really matter

Gay Family Values (Life / Society)

Some of the states that are denying same-sex couples the right to marry are allowing them to adopt kids

Dinner-Party Diplomacy (History)

Dolley Madison often got political foes together over a fine meal. It's still a good tactic


The Pat-on-the-Back Factor (Commentary)

2008 could be a historic election. But should the President be an affirmative-action hire?


Postcard From Islamabad (Postcard: Islamabad)

Government forces crack down on students who led vigilante raids against un-Islamic behavior in Pakistan's capital. Our reporter gets caught up in the violence

Spotting the Terror Threat (The Well / World)

The bumbled car bombs in Britain revealed the changing face of terrorism. Are we prepared to deal with it?


McCain's Cash Crunch (Washington Memo)

After a second lackluster fundrasing quarter, the onetime frontrunner is struggling to keep his campaign above water

Easy Commute (The Moment)

For a faltering President, sparing a loyalist isn't necessarily a hard call


Old Friends on Facebook (Life: Society-fashion-law-business / The Curious Capitalist)

The college students' favorite website begins to conquer social networking's final frontier: grownups


Rock of Texas (Arts: Movies - Music - The Big Picture - Downtime / Music)

Don't--please--let the fact that most music critics love Spoon put you off listening to its new album

The Kid Gets the Picture (Arts: Movies - Music - The Big Picture - Downtime / Movies)

With a name like LaBeouf, he must be good

Should You Root for Barry Bonds? (The Well / Sport)

As the slugger nears Hank Aaron's record, fans are crying 'Foul Ball.' Here are five ways to make sense of his feat

Fashion's Final Cuts (Life / Fashion)

The old masters are aging, and the definition of a designer is changing

I Was a Teenage Wizard (Arts: Movies - Music - The Big Picture - Downtime / Movies)

The dark, deft new Harry Potter film proves that even a save-the-world hero has growing pains

Too Risky for Hollywood (Arts: Movies - Music - The Big Picture - Downtime / The Big Picture)

Werner Herzog, the world's most dangerous director, makes his first studio film in two decades


Rum Gets Some Respect (Global Business: Autos - Work-life Balance - Small Business / Small Business)

Sales soar as liquor snobs discover the fine aged varieties' mellow, complex flavors

Hard Hat (Global Business: Autos - Work-life Balance - Small Business / Autos)

The 328i convertible: a cool, quiet ride, even with the top down

What Gen Y Really Wants (Global Business: Autos - Work-life Balance - Small Business / Work-Life Balance)

Young workers happily blend work and play, as long as every minute has meaning

BMW Drives Germany (Global Business: Autos - Work-life Balance - Small Business / Autos)

Its flexible manufacturing system is a mark of a country that's getting less rigid and more competitive