Clean Sweep (What's Next Now?)

Goodbye to all that gaudy stuff. The growing trend among consumers and designers is about an attitude that is more conscientious than conspicuous

Style on the Fly (What's Next Now?)

From transient boutiques to time-limited restaurants, pop-up venues are suddenly the preferred places to consume among London's rave generation

Miuccia Prada's Material World (What's Next Now?)

What is the most vital source of inspiration for fashion designers? If you ask Miuccia Prada, fabric is the key to shaping future silhouettes

Romancing a New Stone (What's Next Now?)

An ambitious jewelry upstart is dusting off the 20th century's greatest promotional coup in its bid to make tanzanite the next hot rock


Fair-Trade Fashion (Notebook)

Start-up apparel company Fair Indigo pays each of its factory workers a living wage, not just the minimum one

The Leasing Life (Notebook)

Luxury fanatics once hell-bent on buying up every last status must-have--from vacation homes to designer gowns--are setting a new trend: renting the good life

Bull's-Eye Style (Notebook)

Leading the way in the retail game of high design meets low price point, Target's two behind-the-scenes matchmakers reveal the secrets to the designer hookup

Trend (Notebook / TREND)

The A List: Sneakers (Notebook)

From running in New York City's marathon to sitting pretty in Paris, a look at the sneakers city dwellers across the globe are lacing up


White Album (Right This Minute)

When designers have had enough of fluorescent brights and earthy neutrals, they tend to turn away from the color wheel

Rolex: Keeping Time (Icon)

Among the first timepieces created to be worn on the wrist, Rolex watches have been a status symbol--and a collector's item--for more than a century

Provence: Bobbi Brown (Navigator)

Cosmetics queen Bobbi Brown shares her favorite discoveries and must-haves from a recent bicycle trip through the French countryside

Pointe Guard (Artifact)

The ballet slipper has been a staple for the hip crowd even when platform shoes are all the rage. For spring the dainty look is stepping back in style

Thinking Way Out of the Box

With an aerodynamic museum and a department store shaped like a spangled bean, Future Systems has put curves back on architecture's cutting edge

Wall-to-Wall Wiring

Forget the Joneses. Why not keep up with the Jetsons? New technology makes it easier to control systems in your home with the touch of a button

Heavy Metal

Adding futuristic flash to spring silhouettes, silver-dipped accessories like sculpted platforms and sleek clutches are the must-haves of the moment

Forward Thinking (What's Next Now?)

From hard-edged futurists to soft romantics, designers around the world project different visions of what the future might hold come spring


Behind The Pretty Picture (Luxury Source)

From planting trees to reducing energy consumption, beauty companies are increasing their efforts to give back to the environment

The Natural Beauty (Luxury Source)

With her new line of 100% organic skin-care products, Stella McCartney brings sex appeal to the local health store

Skin Care's Cold Snap (Luxury Source)

With their all-natural, wrinkle-busting promise, arctic berries are the beauty industry's favorite flavor of the moment