Warlord or Druglord? (Cover Story / World)

This powerful Afghan tribal leader offered to help the U.S., but is in a New York jail awaiting trial on drug charges. How the war on terror is at war with the war on drugs


Rudy Moves Right (Campaign 2008)

America's mayor wants a new title: President. How he plans to ease G.O.P. doubts about his conservative credentials

Bloggers on the Bus (INSIDER)

They're the hot new campaign hires. But as John Edwards is discovering, a blogger's bravado can backfire

The New Black Nativism (Viewpoint)

Obama's not black enough? Sad times for a community once proud of its diversity


In Search of Lil' Kim (Letter From Macau)

My close encounters with the wayward son of North Korea's Dear Leader


At the Center of a Schism (Profile)

How Archbishop Peter Akinola's rejection of liberal "sins" and the ordination of gay clergy could push the Anglican Church to split

Houston, She's Got Some Problems

NASA has been screening astronauts for decades and isn't supposed to let loose screws through. Is it not as good as we thought? Or are astronauts more fragile than they seem?



What It Means to Support the Troops (Notebook / In the Arena)

With Congress failing to even debate an Iraq war resolution, Joe Klein suggests the people raising unrealistic expectations for the surge are the ones really undermining the mission


Barnum Would Be Proud (Selling)

Little Book author Jeffrey Gitomer sells sales to salespeople, again and again


Books: L.A. Conversational (Books)

Jane Smiley tosses a group of Hollywood characters into a marathon of beguiling talk and explicit sex

Rick Rubin: Hit Man (Music)

Producer Rick Rubin may skip the Grammys tonight, but his impact on the industry will be on full display


Horse — It's What's for Dinner (Food)

It actually is in much of the world, so why is it practically illegal to eat in the meat-loving U.S.? Joel Stein tries to find out, and discovers he quite likes the taste


Welcome to China's China (Global Business)

A second wave of growth in big interior cities such as Chengdu has companies scrambling for position