The Fresh Face (Nation / Cover)

First-term Senator Barack Obama has the charisma and the ambition to run for President. But, as Joe Klein reports from the campaign trail, he's not quite ready to answer the tough questions

Barack Obama: My Spiritual Journey (Book Excerpt)

In an exclusive excerpt from his new memoir, the rising star discovers how faith can open a door to understanding

Photo Essay
  • Being Obama
    A few days in the life of America's hottest political phenomenon


When Outlaws Get The Bomb

Kim Jong Il's crude blast punctuates a scary reality: the law of the jungle now governs the race for nuclear arms

Let's Make a Deal... (Viewpoints)

We can't invade. Sanctions won't work. The only option left is to talk

...But Not At The U.N. (Viewpoints)

We should learn from our past; if an organization has no teeth, it can't bite

Would Defeat in Iraq Be So Bad? (Viewpoint)

Viewpoint: The dominoes didn't fall after Vietnam, argues Leslie Gelb, former head of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the same might be true in Iraq.






The Next YouTubes

After Google's deal, dotcoms are bubbling hot. What you need to know about Web 2.0


The Burden of Heroes (Movies)

He's played some and created some. Now the director examines who they really are.



10 Questions for Tim McGraw (Interview)

McGraw talked with TIME's Jeff Chu about parenting, politics and the secret to the success of his 10-year marriage



Postapocalypse Now

Pop culture's latest visions of mass destruction feel eerily intimate


The Big Spill (Time Bonus Section November 2006: Global Business)

A glut of wines from Brazil to New Zealand is forcing BORDEAUX'S winemakers to cope with a newcrop of competitors

Engineering: New Path to Progress (Time Bonus Section November 2006: Global Business / Engineering)

Panama will likely opt to widen its canal. The goal? A Central American Hong Kong

Auto: Honda's Drive (Time Bonus Section November 2006: Global Business / Auto)

The FCX leads a multitech effort to reclaim its environmental crown and compete with Toyota

Competition: Egos Bigger Than China (Time Bonus Section November 2006: Global Business / Competition)

Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson take their feud--and their gaming strategies--to Macau

Media: The American Way (Time Bonus Section November 2006: Global Business / Media)

After years of rudely dismissing U.S. shows, foreign networks are paying big for CSI: Miami and other hits

Global Investing: Good, but Better (Time Bonus Section November 2006: Global Business / Global Investing)

Investors who avoid sin stocks often give up gains in their portfolio. One manager has a more profitable approach