Stem Cells: The Hope And The Hype

The debate is so politically loaded that it's tough to tell who's being straight about the real areas of progress and how breakthroughs can be achieved. TIME sorts it out

The Politics of Science

Democrats smell a political winner in stem cells, but both parties are holding their fire. Will the issue count in November?



It's the Condi Rice Show (White House Memo)

She has Bush's ear, global clout and a high profile. Now she needs some results

Why Hizballah Can't Be Disarmed

The militant Shi'ite group has rallied despite Israel's attacks. But can a negotiated solution tame the state within a state?


The Fast Track (Notebook)

The military is making it easier for non-citizens to enlist and become Americans. But should we be opening recruiting stations overseas?

Even Churchill Couldn't Figure Out Iraq (Notebook / In the Arena)

The Bush Administration has created such a mess in Iraq that despairing military strategists are talking about drastic, flawed measures such as taking sides or partitioning Baghdad




Tour de Testosterone

A failed drug test taints cyclist Floyd Landis' heroic victory. Is he flawed, or is the testing?


It's All in the Swoop (Architecture)

Skateboarding, once associated with concrete wastelands and empty parking lots, has inspired a whole new design field. Here's how skate parks became fast, deep, curvaceous and breathtaking

One Scoop or Two? None (Movies)

Woody Allen's new comedy-mystery is missing a couple of key ingredients: comedy and mystery

The Impractical Dream (Movies)

Little Miss Sunshine makes fun of self-help gurus, beauty pageants, Proust and other wide targets